“Demon Knight” (1995) Movie Review and MUCH MORE!!!


Special episode alert!  Jonathan Acevedo (CryptTube) joins me and we go deep into everything Tales from the Crypt!  First, we chat about his YouTube channel, the Group of Gore Facebook page, EC comics, and the Tales from the Crypt reboot failure.  Next, we talk about our love/hate relationship with the Tales from the Crypt episode "Three's a Crowd".  Last, but certainly not least, we review 1995's Tales from the Crypt Presents : Demon Knight!  Don't worry, we sealed the doorway in key blood first...the Collector WON'T get US!


*Jonathan's info :  Twitter handle is CryptDeaducator @SatsuiNoSpidey.  Check out CryptTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzeE7BM4cyAvxTyaI-OVC0w

*Join Tales from the Crypt : Group of Gore on Facebook!

*Ian's Twitter handle is Tales from the Crypt @CryptKeeper1225



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